Sunday, February 2, 2014

Samuel Menashe: "Now"

                                   There is never an end to loss, or hope
                                   I give up the ghost for which I grope
                                   Over and over again saying Amen
                                   To all that does or does not happen—
                                   The eternal event is now, not when

"Now" by Samuel Menashe, from Samuel Menashe: New and Selected Poems, Expanded Edition. © Library of Congress, 2005.

Photography credit: by Martin Duffy, a friend of Menashe, who writes of this image: "In the summer of 2000 Sam was again spending time in Ireland during his 75th year.... we took a walk one evening along a strand. Sam halted with a piece of wood and wrote a poem of his in the sand:
Pity us
By the sea
On the sands
So briefly
"As he was doing this, I took a photograph. When I sent him photographs of his holiday with me, he singled out this photograph as the one that 'defined' him in his 75th year."

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