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Poets are added to this index as their mindfulness poems are prepared for posting. Whenever possible, poet names are linked to their own websites or other significant resources about their work. The titles of their poems are linked to the texts posted on this site and listed in order of appearance. A title link becomes "live" upon the poem's publication.

This page lists those poets whose last names begin with N-Z. Click here for the A-M listing.

We regret not having the resources to seek permissions from the copyright holders to reproduce the poems that appear on A Year of Being Here. It is our hope that by giving full credit to the poets, citing bibliographic sources and linking to webpages about these wordsmiths and their work, more good is done than harm. We are grateful to the poets and their publishers for their forbearance.

NELSON, Marilyn. "Bali Hai Calls Mama," "Dusting," "The Lace-Maker."   
NELSON, Portia. "Autobiography in Five Short Chapters." 
NEMEROV, Howard. "Trees."  
NEPO, Mark. "Where Is God?", "The Appointment," "Behind the Thunder."

NERUDA, Pablo. "Sonnet XVII," "Keeping Still," "Ode to Enchanted Light."     
NEWCOMER, Carrie. "Every Little Bit of It."   
NGHIEM, Sr. Dang. "Feather at Midday." 
NGUYEN PHAN, Que Mai. "The Poem I Can't Yet Name."
NOLAN, Tim. "Thanksgiving."  

NORRIS, Kathleen. "Imperatives."   
NORDHAUS, Jean. "I Was Always Leaving."  
NOSTRAND, Jenifer. "Magic."    
NYE, Naomi Shihab.  
O'CONNELL, Linda R. "Mindfulness."
O'CONNOR, Mary. 
O'DONOHUE, John.  
O'HARA, Frank. "Poem."  
OLDS, Sharon. "Looking at Them Asleep."
OLIVER, Mary.  
O'NEIL, January Gill. "How to Make a Crab Cake."
ORR, Gregory.  

OSTRIKER, Alicia. "Dear God."  
OSTROM, Hans. "Mum Is the Word."   
PACKA, Sheila. "Not Forgotten."   
PADDOCK, Joe. "One's Ship Comes In."  
PADDOCK, Nancy. "Lie Down."    
PADGETT, Ron. "Inaction of Shoes."   
PAGNUCCI, Franco. "All Day."   
P'ANG, Layman. "When the Mind Is at Peace."  
PASTAN, Linda.  
PATCHEN, Kenneth. "At the New Year."  
PAZ, Octavio.  
PEDERSON, Miriam. "What Is Our Deepest Desire?", "Listening to Scrabble."    
PENNA, Nick. "Waiting in Line." 
PEREIRA, Peter. "A Pot of Red Lentils."   
PERETTI, Marilyn. "Stepping Lightly."   
PERSONS, Alice N. "The Perfect Day." 
PETERSEN, Paulann. "Appetite." 
PIERCY, Marge. 
PIIRTO, Jane. "Tomorrow, Today, and Yesterday."
PILOLLA, Ed. "Favorite Mug."  
PO, Li. "Zazen on Ching-t'ing Mountain."   
PONSOT, Marie. "Out of Water." 
PORTER, Anne. "Getting Up Early," "Looking at the Sky," "Living Things."    
POTOS, Andrea. "Praise Your Life."   
POUND, Ezra. "The Tree."
POWELL, Lynn. "Acceptance Speech."  
PRATT, Katie. "Beyond Words."  
PSALMIST, The. "Psalm 1."
PUGH, Sheenagh. "What If This Road."   
RAINE, Kathleen. "I Believe Nothing."   
RAS, Barbara. "You Can't Have It All."   
RATHBURN, Chelsea. "A Raft of Grief."   
RAY, David. "Thanks, Robert Frost," "Doing Without."   
RÉA, Rashani. "The Unbroken."
REIF, Max. 
REPOSA, Carol Coffee. "Vegetable Love in Texas."   
REVERDY, Pierre. "For the Moment."  
RICCIO, Dolores Stewart. "Outside," "At the Winter Solstice."   
RIDL, Jack. "Take Love for Granted," "The Neighbors."   
RILKE, Rainer Maria. 
RÍOS, Alberto. "Who Has Need, I Stand with You," "A Yellow Leaf."  
RITCH, Charlie. "The Importance of Symmetry."    
RIVIERE-SEEL, Pat. "Prayer for a Field Mouse."  
ROBERTS, Jeannie E. "Attend Your Bounty."  
ROETHKE, Theodore. 
ROMOND, Edwin. "In Asbury Park, NJ." 
ROOKE, Susan. "A Marriage in the Hands."   
ROSENBLOOM, Robert. "Breakfront."
ROSS, Arra Lynn. "Mother Ann Tells Lucy What Gave Her Joy."   
ROSS, Cathy. "If the Moon Came Out Only Once a Month." 

ROSSER, J. Allyn. "Then Too There Is This." 
ROYSTON, Rosemary. "Why You Should Go Outside at 4:40 am in November."   
RUEFLE, Mary. "Keeping It Simple."  
RUKEYSER, Muriel. 
RUMI, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad.
RUNNELS, Peg. "I Want My Grief."  
RUSHIN, Kate. "The Bridge Poem."
RYAN, Kay. "Stardust," "Why We Must Struggle," "New Rooms."   
RYOKAN. Untitled ["Before listening to the way"].  
SAISER, Marjorie. "The Muse Is a Little Girl."  
SAKAKI, Nanao. "Just Enough."

SALINAS, Pedro. "Wake Up. Day Calls You."
SALWAY, Sarah. "You Do Not Need Another Self-Help Book."   
SANCHEZ, Sonia. Untitled (from Morning Haiku).  
SANDBURG, Carl. "Good Night," "Autumn Movement."    
SANDERS, Kay N. "Bath, in House Alone," "How to Let Go of a Kite."
SANDERS, Mark. "The Cranes, Texas January."  
SARAH, Robyn.
SCHAEFER, Nancy Ann. "Ahimsa."   
SCHIFFMAN, Richard.  
SCHIPPERS, K. (Gerard Stigter). "Black." 
SCHNEIDER, Pat. "The Patience of Ordinary Things," "Lessons."
SCHOENFELD, Ellie. "Patriotism."
SCHUG, Larry.  
SCHWARTZ, Lynne Sharon. "Repotting."
SEARS, Peter. "Night Fishing."  
SEEGER, Pete. "To My Old Brown Earth."   
SEXTON, Anne. "Welcome Morning," "Words," "From the Garden."    
SHAFFER, Nancy. 
SHAPIRO, Harvey. "July," "Psalm." 
SHAW, Luci. "Revival."  
SHIKIBU,  Izumi.
Untitled ["Although the Wind"].  
SHINDER, Jason. "Alone for the Fifth Day," "Coda."   
SHUMATE, David. "Shooting the Horse."  
SIEVERS, Tere. "July Rain," "These Things a Prayer," "Hear the Water's Music." 
SIMIC, Charles. "Miracle Glass Co."
SLAUGHTER, William. "Laozi in Indiana."  
SMITH, Larry. "In Early Spring," "Walking a Field into Evening."  
SMITH, R. T. "Hardware Sparrows," "Moth Aubade."    
SMITH, Thomas R. "Baby Wrens' Voices," "Trust."     
SMITHER, Elizabeth. "The Sea Question."  
SNYDER, Gary.  
SMOCK, Frederick. "Moon." 
SÖDERGRAN, Edith. "Forest Lake."
SO-IN, Nishiyama. Untitled ["Settling, white dew"].   
SONG, Kitlinuharmiut. Untitled ["And I Think Over Again"]. 
SONDHEIM, Stephen. "Children Will Listen."   
SORESCU, Marin. "Descent."   
SORESTAD, Glen. "Making a Salad."   
SPACKS, Barry. "What Breathes Us," "Within Another Life."   
SPIRES, Elizabeth. "Zen Sonnet."   
SPRACKLAND, Martha. "Refugees."  
STAFFORD, William. 
STEIN, Maya. "Alliance." 
STEVENS, Wallace. "The Snowman."
STEWART (RICCHIO), Dolores. "Outside," "At the Winter Solstice."    
STONE, John. "Whittling: The Last Class." 
STONE, Ron. "Attention," "Memo to Self Re: Meditation."   
STONE, Ruth. "Green Apples."  
STRAND, Mark. 
STRICKER, Meredith. "The End of the World."   
STUDDARD, Melissa. "I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast."   
SULLIVAN, David Allen. "Permission Granted."  
SUMRALL, Amber Coverdale. "Fifty Robins."    
SUTPHEN, Joyce.  
SVENVOLD, Mark. "Relearning Winter."   
SWEENEY, Jennifer K. "In Flight."  
SWENSON, May. "Staying at Ed's Place." 
SWIR (Świrszczyńska), Anna. "Priceless Gifts," "I Talk to My Body."   
SZE, Arthur. "Frost," "The Unnamable River."
SZUBER, Janusz. "About a Boy Stirring Jam."
TAGLIABUE, John. "The Bare Arms of Trees."   
TAGORE, Rabindranath. "Playthings."  
TARN, Nathaniel. "Before the Snake." 
TAYLOR, Bruce. "Gardening as a Form of Worship."   
TAYLOR, Richard. "Wild Turkeys." 
TEASDALE, Sara. "September Midnight," "Morning," "May Day."  
TERRIS, Susan. "Matin and Vesper."   
THÉNON, Susan. "Nuptial Song."   
THOMAS, Edward. "After Rain," "The Owl."   
THOMAS, R. S. "The Other," "The Bright Field."  
THOMPSON, Clarice. "Morning in December."   
THOMPSON, Sue Ellen. "Leaning In."    

THURMAN, Howard. "In a Time of Sorrow."  
THURSTON-SHAINE, Marci. "More Good News."
TING, Shu (Gong Peiyu). "Perhaps..."   
TRANSTRÖMER, Tomas. "Allegro," "Romanesque Arches."        

TREMLETT, Sarah. "From the Rivers to the Sea." 
TROMMER, Rosemerry Wahtola.  

TUCKER, David. "The Day Off."  
TZU, Chuang. "Poem of the Woodcarver."
TZU, Lao. 

UNAMUNO, Miguel de. "Throw Yourself Like Seed."  
UNGAR, Lynn. "Boundaries," "Camas Lilies," "Passover."     

UYEMATSU, Amy. "Tea." 
VAN WALLEGHEN, Michael. "The Long Continuous Line," "Happiness."
VARGAS, Richard. "why i feed the birds."   
VEGA, Janine Pommy.  "Which Side Are You On?"       
WAGONER, David.  

WALCOTT, Derek. "Love After Love."
WALFRIDSSON, Kjell.  "Restricted Living."   
WALKER, Alice. 
WALLER, Rhoda Neshama. "Spring Comes to Maine."  
WALTERS, Dorothy.
"Taken," "Don't Make Lists."

WANG Wei. "Walking in Mountains in the Rain."  
WATERS, Michael. "The Inarticulate." 
WATERSTON, Ellen. "Designed to Fly."   

WATTS, David. "Fragment at the Beginning of Something..."  
WEHRMAN, Richard. "When I Fell into the World."   
WEIGL, Bruce. "Home."  
WELDON, Laura Grace. "Forgetting Names," "Rutabaga."  

WENDT, Ingrid. "Give Us This Day."  
WHITEMAN, Roberta Hill. "Waterfall at Como Park." 

WHYTE, David. 
WILCOX, Ella Wheeler. "Seeking for Happiness."   
WILDE, Oscar. "Magdalen Walks."   
WILDSMITH, Dana. "Evening Song with Max."    
WILLIAMS, C. K. "Droplets," "Clay Out of Silence."    
WILLIAMS, Miller. "Compassion." 
WILLIAMS, William Carlos. "Nantucket," "To a Poor Old Woman," "Thursday."

WILLITTS, Martin, Jr. 
WILSON, Ruby R. "Birthday Sunrise." 
WOOD, Nancy. Untitled ["Earth teach me stillness"].  
WOOD, Susan. "Daily Life."
WRIGHT, Franz. "Parting Word."  
WRIGHT, James. 
WRIGLEY, Robert. "Kissing a Horse" (not archived, at the request of the poet).
WU-MEN. "Ten Thousand Flowers in Spring."
YINGLING, Nura. "Step Six and Step Seven."   
YOSHIRO, Ishihara. "Wheat."  
YOST, Dana. "The Three Bridges Trail," "A New Approach."    

YOUNG, Al. "For Poets." 
YOUSSEF, Saadi. "Attention."   
YUAN, Changming. "Bird vs. Sea."  
ZAGAJEWSKI, Adam. "On Swimming," "Try to Praise the Mutilated World."  
ZAHRAD (Zareh Yaldizciyan). "Cleaning Lentils."
ZARZANA, Marianne Murphy.  

ZEIGER, Genie. "The Hike."   
ZELDA (Zelda Schneurson Mishkovsky). "Each of Us Has A Name." 
ZWICKY, Jan. "Recovery."