Monday, June 12, 2017

A Year of Being Here Leads to Publication of Mindfulness Poetry Anthology

Though this online project ended on January 1, 2016, I'm happy to announce that it has led to the creation of a print anthology. Grayson Books will publish Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems in late summer, 2017. Edited with my friend and colleague Ruby R. Wilson, this book grew directly out of A Year of Being Here and wouldn't have happened without the support and encouragement of this blog's subscribers, to whom I'll always be grateful.

I invite you to join the Poetry of Presence email list at this link. As our gift for signing up, you'll receive a mindfulness poem, accompanied by "Great Egret Bow," the fabulous cover photograph by David Moynahan. We'll send you occasional news about the anthology, including notification of its official release.

A Year of Being Here will remain online indefinitely for your browsing enjoyment.

Deep peace,
Phyllis Cole-Dai


  1. I am glad to know that this work is being published and perhaps will get the wider audience it deserves. I still come to this site quite often for light in a world that seems darker than it needs to be. You have my gratitude and hope that this site continues on to give people hope and encouragement in the future.

  2. When searching for "If the Moon Came Out Only Once a Month" I found your message about the soon-to-be published book. Thanks so much for this amazing online collection. I hope you can let me know when and where it can be purchased. In gratitude!

    1. Glad you found the project, Susan. Enjoy it! And if you'd like to be informed about the release of POETRY OF PRESENCE, I'd recommend that you either sign up for mailing list at or follow us on Facebook (@PoetryofPresence) or on Twitter (@PoetryofPresenz). That way you'll be sure to get the word! I appreciate your interest!


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