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Poets are added to this index as their mindfulness poems are prepared for posting. Whenever possible, poet names are linked to their own websites or other significant resources about their work. The titles of their poems are linked to the texts posted on this site and listed in order of appearance. A title link becomes "live" upon the poem's publication.

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We regret not having the resources to seek permissions from the copyright holders to reproduce the poems that appear on A Year of Being Here. It is our hope that by giving full credit to the poets, citing bibliographic sources and linking to webpages about these wordsmiths and their work, more good is done than harm. We are grateful to the poets and their publishers for their forbearance.

ABLEEGUMOOCH, Rabbit. "The Poetry of Ordinary Time."  
ACHEBE, Chinua. "Mother in a Refugee Camp."   
ACKERMAN, Diane. "School Prayer." 
ADCOCK, Betty. "January."
AKHMATOVA, Anna. "Everything is Plundered, Betrayed, Sold."   
ALBÁNEZ, Francisco. "The One Who Is at Home." 
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth. "Praise Song for the Day."
ALIESAN, Jody. "Winter Solstice."   
ALLEN, Dick. "You May Leave a Memory, or You Can Be Feted by Crows."     
ALVAREZ, Nina.  "If You Could Be Soft."
AMMONS, A. R. "Still," "Eyesight."
AMICHAI, Yehuda. "The Place Where We Are Right," "I, May I Rest in Peace."
ANDRADE, Carlos Drummond de. "In the Middle of the Road."  
ANDREWS, Ginger. "Down on My Knees."   
ANGELOU, Maya. "A Brave and Startling Truth," "Love's Exquisite Freedom."     
ANNUCCI, Marilyn. "D."   
ARNOLD, Craig. "Meditation on a Grapefruit," "Very Large Moth."   
ATTIE, Michael. "Mindful Loitering."   
ATWOOD, Margaret. "The Moment." 
AULD, Susan B. "Practicing the Art of Zen," "Radishes."   
AYOT, William. "Anyone Can Sing."   
AYRES, Elizabeth. "The Road of Unforgetting."   
BACA, Jimmy Santiago. "This Day," "I Am Offering This Poem."   
BAGGETT, Rebecca. "Testimony."    
BAKER, David. "Heaven."   
BALBO, Ned. "Fire Victim."  
BALISLE, Mike. Untitled ["In moonlight"].     
BALISTRERI, Mary Jo. "All That Is Left to Say." 
BALLA, Camille A. "Breaking Through," "The Poet and His Craft."   
BARBER, David. "Corn Maze."   
BARNEY, Anne. "Another Moment."   
BARRETT, Tom. "What's in the Temple?," "Empty Mind."    
BARROWS, Anita. "Lessons from Darkness," "Questo Muro."   
BASS, Ellen.  
BENEDETTI, Mario. "Don't Give Up."   
BERRY, James. "Benediction."    
BERRY, Thomas. "An Appalachian Wedding."   
BERRY, Wendell.  
BINGHAM, Anne Alexander. "It is Enough." 
BIRON, Dale. "Gratefulness." 

BLANCO, Richard. "One Today."
BLIUMIS-DUNN, Sally. "Mianus River Gorge."   
BLOCH, Chana. "The Joins."  
BLUM, Etta. "I Am the Tree."    
BLUMENTHAL, Michael. "A Man Lost by a River," "Be Kind."    
BLY, Robert.  
BOLAND, Eavan. "This Moment," "Patchwork."    
BOOTH, Philip. "How to See Deer," "Talk about Walking," "So."
BORGES, Carole Ann. "Light."  
BOSS, Todd. "This Morning in a Morning Voice," "To a Wild Rose."

BRADY, Richard. "This Freedom."  
BRANTINGHAM, John. "Putting in a Window," "The Green of Sunset."
BRECHT, Bertolt. "Everything Changes."  
BREHM, John. "Landscape Survey."
BROOKS, Gwendolyn.  
BROWN, Harriet. "After a Miscarriage."   
"Summer Solstice 2006."   

BROWN, Judy Sorum. "Wooden Boats," "Fire," "Trough."
BROWNE, Susan. "Buddha's Dogs."
BUCKMASTER, Linda. "Flowering." 
BUDBILL, David. 
BUKOWSKI, Charles. 
BUSON, Yosa. Untitled ["Ah, what a pleasure"].  
BUSSE, Sarah. "Evening Walk, Mid-March." 
BUTCHER, Grace. "Learning from Trees."  
CADWALLADER-STAUB, Julie. "Blackbirds," "Midlife," "Longing."  
CAEIRO, Alberto (Fernando Pessoa). "The Herdsman," "Discontinuous Poems."  
CAMIRE, Dennis. "Encounter with Roofer."  
CANNON, Moya. "Introductions."   
CARLEY, Burton D. "September Meditation."  
CARLSEN, Ionna. "Over and Over Tune." 
CARLSON, Elizabeth. "Imperfection." 
CARLSON, Patricia Campbell. "Vessel." 
CARPATHIOS, Neil. "No More Same Old Silly Love Songs."
CARROLL, Abigail. "In Gratitude." 
CARRUTH, Hayden. "Ecstasy."   
CARTER, Jared. "Cutting Glass," "Geodes." 
CARVER, Raymond.  
CAVAFY, C. P. "Ithaka."    
CENTOLELLA, Thomas. "Splendor."   
CHANT, Osage. "Planting Chant."  
CHAPPELL, Grace Hughes. "Build Your House."  
CHIMAKO, Tada. "Shade."  
CHIVERS, Mary. "Late August."    
CHULA, Margaret. "Afterimage," [A selection of tanka].   
CLIFTON, Lucille. "Blessing the Boats." 
COCKRELL, Doug. "Quiet Counsel."
COHEN, Andrea. "Cherries."  
COHEN, Esther. "Can I Call You Back?"  
COLBURN, Don. "There." 
COLE-DAI, Phyllis (project curator). "On How to Pick and Eat Poems."  
COLLINS, Billy. 
COOLIDGE, Susan (Sarah Chauncey Woolsey). "New Every Morning."   
COOKSHAW, Marlene. "Over the Shoulder."   
CONNORS, Ginny Lowe. "A Husband's Refuge," "Hosanna."   
COPE, Michael. "Tea Ceremony."   
COPE, Wendy. "New Season," "The Orange."    
CORDING, Robert. "Peregrine Falcon, New York City."   
CORWIN, Nina. "What Morning Looks Like."    
CRANE, Stephen. "XXXV [A Man Saw a Ball of Gold in the Sky]." 
CRAPSEY, Adelaide. "November Night."   
CREELEY, Robert. "Place to Be."   
CROOKER, Barbara.  
CROWSON, Sharron. "Prayer for Another Sunday."
CROZIER, Lorna. "A Summer's Singing."  
CUMMINGS, e.e. "Seeker of Truth," "let it go—the," "i am a little church."    
DADELSEN, Jean-Paul de. "Exercise for the Evening."   
D'ALESSIO, Alice. "Left Behind."   
DALTON, Roque. "Like You."   
DANIEL, John. "A Prayer Among Friends."  
DARWISH, Mahmoud. "Think of Others."   
DAVIES, Mary Carolyn. "If I Had Known."
DAVIS, Todd. "The Sound of Sunlight."  
DE BURGOS, Julia. "I Was My Own Route" ("Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta").   
DED, Lal. 
DENNIS, Carl. "String Quartet," "Still Life," "Unfolding."  
DETHLEFSEN, Bruce. "1950," "White Stallions."     
DIERKING, Kirsten.  
DIOP, Birago. "Sighs."   
DOALLAS, Maureen E. [Poem not archived at poet's request.]  
DOBYNS, Stephen. "Waking."  
DODD, Wayne. "Of Rain and Air."  
DOLAN, Liz Rose. "The Healer."  
DOLCH, Jessie. "The Priest Writes His Desire." 
DONALDSON, Julia. "I Opened a Book."    
DOOM, Alixa. "Cedarkin."     
DORFF, Francis, O. Praem. "Lightening the Load." 
DOSHI, Toshani. "The Immigrant's Song."    
DOTY, Mark. "Golden Retrievals."   
DOVE, Rita. "Testimonial," "Dawn Revisited," "Flirtation." 
DOWD, Juditha. "Conversing with an Orange."   
DUFFY, Carol Ann. "Prayer."   
DUNN, Stephen. "Choosing to Think of It," "The Sacred," "Sweetness."      
EADY, Cornelius. "A Small Moment."  
ECKHART, Meister. "Love Does That," "When I Was the Forest."      
EHRMANN, Max. "A Prayer."  
ELIOT, T. S. Excerpt from The Cocktail Party.   
EMRE, Yunus. Untitled ["A Single Word Can Brighten the Face"].  
ERDRICH, Louise.  
ERICKSON, Terri Kirby. "Thread Count."
ESCOUBAS, Michael. "Towel and Basin."   
ESPAILLAT, Rhina. "Guidelines." 
EVANS, David Allan. "Turning 70," "Waking Up."
EVERWINE, Peter. "Rain."   
FAULDS, Danna. "Allow," "Walk Slowly."    
FARGNOLI, Patricia. "Winter Grace."   
FELDMAN, Irving. "How Wonderful."  
FIELD, Edward. "A Journey."   
FLEURY, Amy. "Ablution."
FLYNN, John. "New Work."   
FLYNN, Rachel Contreni. "The Yellow Bowl."
FOLEY, Laura Davies. "The Offering," "The Giving Tree," "Sophie," "To See It."    
FOOTE, Robert S. "An Interruption."   
FORHAN, Chris. "Joy."  
FOSTER, Linda Nemec. "Eliminating the Horizon," "Climbing Cherry Trees." 
FOX, John. "When Someone Deeply Listens to You."   
FRANCIS of Assisi. "Wring Out My Clothes."   
FRANCIS, Robert. "Summons." 
FRIEND, Robert. "The Last Year." 
FROST, Robert. "A Time to Talk," "October," "Dust of Snow."    
FULLER, John. "The Calling."   
GARCIA, Albert. "Ice," "August Morning."
GARCIA, Arnoldo. "A Meditation on Breath."
GENTRY, Jane. "On a Perfect Day."    
GERBER, Dan. "Advice," "On My Seventieth Birthday."   
GIBRAN, Kahlil. "On Pain."  
GIBSON, Dobby. 
GIBSON, Margaret. "Heaven." 
GILBERT, Sarah. "Tracks."   
GIOIA, Dana. "California Hills in August," "Entrance," "Words."   
GIOVANNI, Nikki. "Winter Poem."   
GLASSMEYER, Susan. "I Tell You."
GLENDAY, John. "Concerning the Atoms of the Soul."  
GLÜCK, Louise. "Twilight."
GONZÁLEZ, Rafael Jesús. "Grace."  
GOODRICH, Charles. "Evening Star."  
GRAY, Mary. "When I Am Wise."   
GREENE, Richard. "First Notes."
GREENFIELD, Eloise. "In the Land of Words."   
GREGG, Cindy. "Monday," "Thoughtful Voyeur: Woman and Cantaloupe."
GREGG, Linda. "Being," "A Dark Thing Inside the Day."  
GROSSMAN, Dorothea. "I Have to Tell You."
HAALAND, Tami. "A Colander of Barley." 
HALL, Sidney, Jr. "Something about the Wind."  
HALLIDAY, Mark. "Summer Planning."   
HAMMAD, Suheir. "talisman."   
HANH, Thich Nhat. "For Warmth," "The Good News," "Walking Meditation."     
HANZLICEK, C. G. "Mystery."    
HARDIE, Kerry.
"What's Left," "May." 

HARER, Katharine. "How to Hope." 
HARJO, Joy. 
HARNDEN, Philip. "Peter Matthiessen on Crystal Mountain." 
HARRISON, Jeffrey. "Enough." "Interval," "To a Snake."     
HARRISON, Leslie. "Tea."    
HART, Kevin. "Snow," "The Gift."   
HARTH, Willow. Untitled ["This poem is not meant for you"].   
HARTLEY, Mark. "Be Still."    
HAUGE, Olav. "This Is the Dream."  
HEANEY, Seamus. 
HEDLEY, Gil. "Your Body Is a Holy Book."  

HENNING, Dianna MacKinnon.  
HERBERT, Zbigniew. "The Pebble." 
HERON, Judith.
"Into this foggy morning comes a song," "Simple Instructions."   

HESS, Ronnie. "Birthday Party."  
HESSE, Hermann. "Sometimes."    
HEY, Phil. "Spring forward, fall back."  
HIGGINS, Anne. "Cherry Tomatoes," "Tribute Poem."  
HILBERT, Donna. "Gravity," "Credo," "In Plowboy's Produce Market."    
HIRSCH, Edward.  
HOAGLAND, Tony. "The Word."
HOFF, Benjamin. "Piglet's Song." 
HOGAN, Linda. "Rapture," "Journey."   
HOLLEMAN, Marybeth. "Yesterday, on the familiar trail."  
HOLUB, Miroslav. "The Door."  
HORACE. "Ode I. 11."   
HOSTETLER, Sheri. "Instructions."  
HOUSTON, Nancyrose. "The Letter from Home."    
HOWE, Marie. "Annunciation," "What the Living Do," "The Moment."   
HUBBELL, James. "Cathedral."  
HUDGINS, Andrew. "The Yellow Steeple."  
HUGHES, Holly. "Mind Wanting More."  
HUJSAK, Edward. "Sorting Things Out."    
HURR, Hanna. "Love's Lullaby."   
IANNONE, Don. "Losing Myself Inside a Japanese Wood Poppy." 
IBN ARABI, Muhyiddin. "There Was a Time."  
IGNATOW, David. "Above Everything," "Content."  
JACCOTTET, Philippe. "Distances." 
JACOBSEN, Josephine. "you can take it with you." 
JACOBSEN, Rolf. "Fireflies," "—When They Sleep," "Just Delicate Needles."     
JARMAN, Mark. "Coyotes," "After Disappointment."    
JARRELL, Randall. "Well Water."  
JENKINS, Louis. "Diner."
JENSON, Ivan. "Hearing Things." 
JERVE, Janet. "Now," "Evening Vespers."   
JIMÉNEZ, Juan Ramón. "Oceans," "I Am Not I."     
JOHNSON, Caroline. "Blue Sky," "Hauling Water."   
JOHNSON, Gary. "December," "Good Workers."    
JOHNSON, Kate Knapp. "Seeing, In Three Pieces."   
JONES, Richard. "The Spoon," "Rapture."    
JONG, Erica. "You Are There."
JOUDAH, Fady. "Mimesis."  
JUEDS, Kasey. "Claim." 
KABIR. "07" ["Hiding in this cage"], Untitled ["The Guest is inside you"].    
KAGAWA, Toyohiko. "A Prayer."  
KAVANAUGH, James. "I Laugh and Cry with the Same Eyes." 
KEMPA, Rick. "Call It Ours."   
KENNELLY, Brendan. "Begin."   
KENYON, Jane.  
KEYES, Roger. "Hokusai Says."
KILBRIDE, Jerry. Selected Haiku. 
KINGSOLVER, Barbara. "Hope; An Owner's Manual."  
KINNELL, Galway.  
KLOEFKORN, William.  
KOCOT, Noelle. "Pride."  
KOMUNYAKAA, Yusef. "Facing It."
KOOSER, Ted.  
KORT, Ellen. "Advice to Beginners," "Walking on Water." 
KOWIT, Steve. "Notice."  
KRACO, Karen. 
KRAUSHAAR, Mark. "What the Dead Know."   
KRYSL, Marilyn. "Saying Things," "Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka." 
LAMÉRIS, DANUSHA. "Thinking." 
LANGTON, LeeAnne McIlroy. "The Tree of Knowledge."  
LARSON, Daron. "Recognition." 
LAUX, Dorianne. "For the Sake of Strangers," "Dust," "Morning Song," "Break."     
LAWLESS, Gary. "Treat Each Bear," "when the animals."   
LAWRENCE, D. H. "Escape," "Maximus," "Mystic."   
LEE, David. "November Idyll: After the still life."   
LEE, Li-Young. 
LE GUIN, Ursula. "Initiation Song from the Finders Lodge."  
LENFESTEY, James P. "Driving Across Wisconsin." 
LERMAN, Eleanor. "Starfish."  
LEUNIG, Michael. Untitled ["When the heart is cut"].  
LEVERTOV, Denise.  
LEVINE, Arlene Gay. "Here Is the Road," "Each Moment."
LEVINE, Philip. "Our Valley," "What Work Is," "Gospel."  
LEVINE, Stephen.

LEVITT, Peter. Untitled ["Where you are going"].  
LEWIS, Janet Loxley. "The Wonder of the World." 
LEWIS, J. Patrick. "Make the Earth Your Companion."  
LEWIS, Robert Arthur. "The Painter."   
LIGHTHART, Annie. "The Second Music."  
LIIV, Juhan. "Leaves Fell."  
LINEBERRY, Colleen. "Harmony."   
LOCKE, Carolyn. "What the Rain Left Behind," "What Else."     
LOHMANN, Jeanne.  
LORCA, FEDERICO GARCÍA. "The Silence."    
LORDE, Audre. "Coping."   
LOWELL, Amy. "Bath," "September, 1918."   
LUKAS, Krista. "Morning."   
LUTERMAN, Alison. 
    MACCAIG, Norman. "Small boy."  
    MACHADO, Antonio. "Walking."  
    MACKER, Teddy. "Prayer," "A Prayer for My Daughter."    
    MACNEICE, Louis. "Snow."   
    MADISON, Tamara. 
    MAHON, Derek. "The Mayo Tao."   
    MAJ, Bronislaw. "An August Afternoon," "A Leaf."   
    MANDELSTAM, Osip. "A Body Was Given to Me."   
    MANFRED, Freya. 
    MARGOLIS, Gary. 
    MARKOVA, Dawna. Untitled ["I Will Not Die an Unlived Life"].  
    MARTIN, Lynn. "Under the Walnut Tree." 
    MASEFIELD, John. "Tewkesbury Road."   
    MASTERS, Edgar Lee. "111. Ernest Hyde."   
    MAYER, Peter. "Holy Now." 
    MCENTYRE, Marilyn. "What to Do in the Darkness," "Biology: Course Review."     
    MCHENRY, Kristen. "In Defense of Gentleness."   
    MCHUGH, Heather. "The Size of Spokane."
    MCKAY, Linda Back. "On the Meaning of." 
    MCMAHON, Ted. "Grapefruit."
    MEAD, Jane. "The Geese."    
    MEEK, Anna George. 
    MENASHE, Samuel. "Here Now," "Now," "Rue."  
    MERRIAM, Eve. "Reply to the Question: `How Can You Become a Poet?'"   
    MERRILL, Christopher. "A Boy Juggling a Soccer Ball."  
    MERTON, Thomas. "In Silence," "Song for Nobody," "When the Shoe Fits."      
    MERWIN, W. S. 
    MEYERS, Susan. "Mother, Washing Dishes."   
    MILLAR, Victoria. "Credo."  
    MILLAY, Edna St. Vincent. "Afternoon on a Hill."   
    MILLER, Betty. "Norimaki Sushi." 
    MILLER, Carolyn. 
    MILLER, Jane. "Ecstasy." 
    MILLS, Joseph Robert. 
    MILOSZ, Czeslaw.  
    MING-DAO, Deng. Untitled ["Even in temples"].    
    MISTRAL, Gabriela. "Dawn."   
    MITCHELL, Adrian. "Human Beings."   
    MITCHELL, Mark J. "Samsara Sestina."   
    MITCHELL, Stephen. "Psalm 1," "The Baal Shem Tov."
    MIYAZAWA, Kenji. "Be Not Defeated by the Rain."    
    MNOOKIN, Wendy. "At Sea."   
    MOELLER, Eileen. "Dear Ezra."  
    MOFFITT, John. "To Look at Anything."
    MONAGHAN, Patricia. "Things to Believe In."  
    MONTAG, Tom. 
    MOORE, Julie L.  "Innocence."   
    MOOSE, Ruth. "The Crossing," "Laundry." 
    MORAMARCO, Federico. "One Hundred and Eighty Degrees."  
    MORGAN, Marlo. Untitled ["Forever Oneness"].  
    MORGAN, Robert.  "Honey."    
    MORLEY, Hilda. "New York Subway," "Sea-Map."    
    MÖRLING, Malena. "Happiness," "Visiting," "Gone," "See High Above."   
    MOSS, Ron C. Selection of Haiga.
    MUELLER, Lisel. "Losing My Sight." 

    MUIR, Edwin. "In Love for Long."    
    MURRAY, Les. "The Meaning of Existence."   
    MURRE, Ralph. "What Is Given," "The Light This Day." 
    MYERS, Jack. "Fragment."