Saturday, November 8, 2014

Alice D'Alessio: "Left Behind"

                         Isn't there always something forgotten, something
                         lost, something gone? Praise this too,
                         for the blessings it brings. You will seek out
                         some recourse—reused paper, borrowed brush,
                         makeshift paint; some other—and make it work.
                         You will engage a new friend, beg or barter,
                         find a different, maybe better, way.
                         You will go where you didn't know you could.

"Left Behind" by Alice D'Alessio. © Alice D'Alessio.  Presented here by poet submission.

The poet sent this backstory note: "At a recent poet and artist retreat in Maine, I was amused at how many people (including me) had forgotten certain items and how this served to bond us." 

Art credit: "My Eye, 2012," 30" x 38" sculpture using unrecyclable plastic bottle caps, by Mary Ellen Croteau.


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