Sunday, November 1, 2015

Phil Hey: "Spring forward, fall back"

Tell time now by the frost-stiff grass
and how beneath shod feet it cracks
and heaves; by the curled leaves
skating on their edges in the street,
too late, too late; sun wheels,
trees go gold and bare, light fails
as the fat moon wanes and falls,
as great Orion girds to stand
and stride with sword and lion’s mane
across fields gleaming and gleaned.
As soon undo the flights of geese,
the first blooding of the apples
on the tree; as soon redeem
the few last ragged shards of day
and wish them whole; but summer,
the lake-deep blue silver summer’s bowl
once so lovely full, is broken.
"Spring forward, fall back" by Phil Hey. © Phil Hey. Text presented here by poet submission.

Art credit: "Frosty Grass," image by unknown photographer.


  1. Gorgeous poem and perfect, true.

  2. Beautiful poem.
    Reminds me of Hopkins, a great compliment.

  3. For years now this poem has ushered in Fall for me in the Pacific Northwest every year. It is laid to rest in my desk drawer and taken out to read and feel the bitter sweet good by to summer.


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