Wednesday, September 18, 2013

James Broughton: "Here's to It"

(A Metaphysical Drinking Song)

Here’s to that thing
we won’t admit! 
Here’s to the omnipresent
Here’s to the IT
in which we sit
and stand and walk
and laugh and spit.
It’s in every act
that we commit. 
It’s our inescapable

Here’s to the It,
our benefit
that makes the world
It is the cloth
most finely knit.
It’s all of a piece
but composite. 
It is the suit
with the perfect fit.
It always includes
its opposite.

It’s not the device
of a Jesuit.
It’s much older than
Holy Writ.

It’s not a mechanical
It’s a metaphysical
hunting kit. 
It’s infinitely definite
and definitely infinite.

And It’s always here
so Here’s to It!
And all It says is
   to it!

"Here's to It" by James Broughton, from Packing Up for Paradise: Selected Poems 1946-1996. © Black Sparrow Press, 1997.

Image credit: "Teenagers Contemplating Sunset," painting produced by computer software, by G.D. Zulch (originally color).


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  1. Such playful use of sound! While making perfect sense and capturing the infinite.


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