Sunday, September 21, 2014

Janet Jerve: "Now"

When you try
to stay in it
you notice the cat
wander into your yard
hear yourself say to yourself
I don't want a cat
she skims your legs
in out around
making a figure eight
you pick her up
cradle her spine in the crook of your arms
get a good look at her face
black skin marking the line of her cat lips
forming a perpetual smile
stay you say stay and you look for her
here here here wherever you are

"Now" by Janet Jerve, from Excavation. © North Star Press, 2013. Published here by poet submission.

Art credit: "Tabby cat rubbing against owner affectionately," photograph by © (originally color).


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  1. We had a momma cat and a couple of kittens come into the yard. My husband says, "Don't feed them." So I didn't. But pretty soon, things began to disappear from the refrigerator, a couple of pancakes, half a sandwich, a little bowl of left overs . . . The second time he gave the cats the pancakes I was saving for breakfast, I brought home cat food and he has been feeding them every since. We don't usually talk about how we are not supposed to be feeding the cats that have grown to a tribe of five now. I just buy cat food and he just feeds them, without comment, twice a day ! Cats can kind of sneak into your heart and I do look for them when I turn onto our street, and often they come running up, then stand off and just watch as I unload the truck and go into the house. They know when they will be fed but I think they also come just for the company of seeing us and us seeing them!


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