Friday, September 5, 2014

Julia Fehrenbacher: "Hold Out Your Hand"

Let's forget the world for a while
fall back and back
into the hush and holy
of now

are you listening? This breath
invites you
to write the first word
of your new story

your new story begins with this:
You matter

you are needed—empty
and naked
willing to say yes
and yes and yes

Do you see
the sun shines, day after day
whether you have faith
or not
the sparrows continue
to sing their song
even when you forget to sing

stop asking: Am I good enough?
Ask only
Am I showing up
with love?

Life is not a straight line
it's a downpour of gifts, please—
hold out your hand

"Hold Out Your Hand" by Julia Fehrenbacher. Presented here by poet submission. © Julia Fehrenbacher.

Art credit: "Woman Holding Hands Out with Palms Facing Up," photograph by Alain Couillaud (originally sepia).


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Carol. How sweet it is to find your words here.


    2. Perfect - absolutely perfect. I feel this poem in my soul. Beautiful.

  2. This poem is beautiful. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara-Helen. Love to you.


  3. I so needed this today. Changed my perspective and put me back in gear. Beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Donna, I'm so happy to hear my words helped shift your perspective. It's a gift for me to find your words here...

  4. I am blessed with so much joy that gratitude is the only response possible. Thanks for this poem that brings so much love and answers the question: Am I good enough? Yes and yes and yes!

    1. And even more YES-es! I hope you feel this enough-ness deep in the center of your bones. Sending so much love your way, sweet person.


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