Saturday, December 20, 2014

Laura Davies Foley: "To See It"

We need to separate to see
the life we’ve made.
We need to leave our house
where someone waits for us, patiently,
warm beneath the sheets.
We need to don a sweater, a coat, mittens,
wrap a scarf around our neck,
stride down the road,
a cold winter morning,
and turn our head back,
to see it—perched
on the top of the hill, our life
lit from inside.

"To See It" by Laura Davies Foley. Presented here by poet submission. 

Art credit: "Footprints in snow," photograph taken on January 27, 2007 by CC/Flickr/Andrei Niemimäki.


  1. Thank you Laura for sharing your lovely poem. Your words paint a heartwarming scene.

  2. A wonderful poem of gratitude and perfect for the season! All of her work is remarkable!


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