Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Todd Boss: "To a Wild Rose"

"with simple tenderness," for Beth

It’s true, what all our
heroes say. There is a way
in this world for beauty,
for good. It may
be a crooked path
in a tanglewood, but
stay the course and,
when the way grows rocky,
walk your horse,

and who knows, you may yet
come upon the wild rose,
as I have done, and,
paying close attention,
keep from crushing her into
the grime, and then,
with any luck, in time
remember how you found her
and how to find her again
when the way gets wilder.

"To a Wild Rose" by Todd Boss, from Yellowrocket: Poems (W. W. Norton & Company, 2010). Text as presented in various online sources.

Art credit: "Wild Rose," macro image by unknown photographer.



  1. Todd may not have intended that "...walk your horse..." might be a central thought in this soothing piece. It is the stopper for me, and it starts my thinking in a new direction, it really is the only way to follow a treasure map

  2. It is true. I often lose my way to the wild rose of acceptance and gratitude for what life has opened for me and sometimes a poem such as this reminds me of how to find the path again.


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