Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Andrea Potos: "Praise Your Life"

Caravaggio, The_Calling_of_Saint_Matthew_-_1599-1600

When on a June morning heavy with rain,
you can taste the best cappuccino
this side of Rome, in a cafe
with scarred maplewood tables,
a book of Caravaggio splayed open:
The Calling of St. Matthew
that could be set in a tavern,
a gambling den, a dank office where
tax collectors are counting their day’s work,
while in the top right of the frame, a gold-
seared light slices in, and with it,
the figure of a god made man—
a bolt of radiance shoots through
his finger, pointed as if to say: You,
it is you, I have called to this life.


"Praise Your Life" by Andrea Potos, published online by Escape Into Life, November 6, 2013. © Andrea Potos.  

Art credit: "The Calling of Saint Matthew," oil on canvas, by Caravaggio, 1599-1600.

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