Monday, June 23, 2014

Mark Hartley: "Be Still"

while you worry about what each note means,
the band plays on.
you are running from a dog
who only chases because you run.
turn and face him.
though you hear the buzzing of the bee grow louder
be still.
do not fear a sting you have never felt,
you just might be a flower.
do not worry
about things falling into place.
where they fall
is the place

"Be Still" by Mark Hartley. Published online at Attentional Fitness Training, February 22, 2008. © Mark Hartley.

Art credit: "Musical Note of Water," photograph by (originally color). Caption: "A blue musical note made of water floating on a music sheet line."

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  1. "you just might be a flower"--what a delightful idea. And "where they fall/is the place" is just perfect.


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