Saturday, May 16, 2015

Alixa Doom: "Cedarkin"

I move slowly, happy
with just a bird song in my ear
and a breeze blowing through me.
I no longer buy tickets to anywhere.
Turning off on Deer Run Trail I climb the hill
through the sun and mist of cedars.
The slower I go the more time there is
to wear seed in my hair
and starlight on my skin. I sway
and bow to a truer time the earth
pushes up through cedar trunk.
I become filled with this place,
the broad green arms,
the quiet affection of cedar sisters.

"Cedarkin" by Alixa Doom. Text as published in A Slow Dissolve of Egrets (Red Dragonfly Press, 2014). Presented here by poet submission.

Art credit: "Western Red Cedar," photograph taken on June 13, 2009, in British Columbia (Canada), by Evan Leeson.


  1. Wonderful! I smile warmly and broadly at the fourth line, especially.

  2. Beautiful. Makes me want to go slow and wear seeds and starlight.

  3. "seed in my hair/and starlight on my skin"--so beautiful. I love "I no longer buy tickets to anywhere."

  4. I love "the quiet affection of cedar sisters," the title "Cedarkin" and "truer time."


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