Saturday, September 19, 2015

Franco Pagnucci: "All Day"

Great sweeps of wind,
were settling the cold in.
Chickadees twittered
from the hollows of the spruce
and stayed put.

The bald eagle came down
into a low pine
below the northwest hill
out of the wind.

In late afternoon
an orange horizon,
and a clear night. Stars.
I loved the feel in the west
of days getting longer.

"All Day" by Franco Pagnucci. Text as published in Tracks on Damp Sand (North Star Press, 2014). © Franco Pagnucci. Presented here by poet submission.

Art credit: "A bald eagle, Haliaeetus Leucocephalus, swoops in to land on a tree branch in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming [USA]," photograph by Randall K. Roberts.


  1. Beautifully accomplished. Simple, straightforward, specific, of an enviable economy and vividness.

  2. Excellent poem. Brings me back to my days in northern Wisconsin. I can feel the crisp air and picture the eagle landing in the pine tree. Very well written!

  3. It's funny how even animals, like us, hunker down to wait out the cold, but I love the feeling of hope at the end of the piece. And beautiful and well chosen photo to accompany the words.

  4. It's funny how animals, like humans, hunker down in the cold, but I love the note of hope at the end of the piece. And the photo beautifully accompanies the text.


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