Monday, September 7, 2015

Gary Johnson: "Good Workers"

Let us praise good workers (you know who you are)
Who come gladly to the job and do what you can
For as long as it takes to repair the car
Or clean the house—the woman or man
Who dives in and works steadily straight through,
Not lagging and letting others carry the freight,
Who joke around but do what you need to do,
Like the home caregiver who comes daily at eight
A.m. to wash and dress the man in the wheelchair
And bring him meals and put him to bed at night
For minimum wage and stroke his pale brown hair.
He needs you. "Are you all right?" "I'm, all right,"
      He says. He needs you to give him these good days,
      You good worker. God's own angels sing your praise.

"Good Workers" by Gary Johnson. Text as published on The Writer's Almanac (01/09/2011).

Art credit: "Helping a Disabled Man in Wheelchair," still shot from video by marians @ VideoHive.

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  1. Love this poem. Also love "Table Grace" which I assume is this "Gary Johnson." I think table grace is wonderful, and so true to life itself.
    Thank you for this website!


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