Sunday, December 20, 2015

Curator's Note: Giveaway Winner #5

Happy news for Christopher Bellonci of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts (USA)! He has been randomly selected as a recipient in our End-of-Project Giveaway. His gift will be The Book of the World: A Contemporary Scripture (Phyllis Cole-Dai, editor).

Christopher is a child psychiatrist at Tufts Medical Center. He also teaches mindfulness at the Tufts University Medical School as well as in his consultations to public schools in the Boston area. He appreciates being able to incorporate poetry into his own mindfulness journey and into his teaching of mindfulness to others.

He writes, "I read one of the poems [from A Year of Being Here] recently in a consultation that I found had relevance to the youth we were discussing during our meeting. The medical students have also enjoyed the poetry as a path into their mindfulness practices."

Enjoy your reading of The Book of the World, Christopher!

Deep peace,

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