Monday, December 7, 2015

Sarah Tremlett: "From the Rivers to the Sea"

                                               Time reveals that to
                                               execute means to begin
                                               and to terminate

                                               So all the rivers
                                               in each and every country
                                               flow into one sea

"From the Rivers to the Sea" by Sarah Tremlett. © Sarah Tremlett. Text and video presented here by poet submission.

Video credit: "From the Rivers to the Sea," contemplative haiku poetry film by Sarah Tremlett with audiovisual material as credited. © 2015. Premiered at TARP Audiovisual Poetry Festival, September 2015.

Poet's statement: "This film is a haiku poem film—i.e., based on the idea of a poem of 5/7/5 syllables. It reflects the original concept of the Oriental poem that is part of a painting (a poem painting), often of a natural landscape, with descriptive, philosophical writing going from the top to the bottom of the image.... I am very interested in how visual and aural motion on screen can contribute not only to meaning but to creating a zen-like state in an audience or viewer. This is not dissimilar to the rapt attention of the listener who is wholly engaged with the poet's voice when reciting traditional repetitive verse forms."

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