Friday, December 20, 2013

Curator's Note: Follow Us on Pinterest!

Here's a little holiday gift for those of you who enjoy Pinterest: You can now follow A Year of Being Here on a Pinterest pinboard. Check it out at this link. (Note: You don't need a Pinterest account to browse.)

Don't know much about Pinterest? Never even heard of it? You're probably not alone.

In a nutshell, Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site where you can "pin" (save and share) image-driven content from the Internet or your own electronic devices.

So, in the case of A Year of Being Here, each day's mindfulness poem will be "pinned" (saved) to the collection's pinboard based on the artwork that accompanies its text. If you sign up to "follow" the board (for free), you'll automatically see the artwork and link for each day's poem in your Pinterest feed. If you especially like a poem, you might "re-pin" the image to a pinboard of your own or send it to a friend.

This is just one more way to enjoy these wonderful mindfulness poems, especially if you're someone who loves images. Happy holidays!

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