Monday, October 13, 2014

David Budbill: "What We Need"

                                                      The Emperor,
                                                      his bullies
                                                      and henchmen
                                                      terrorize the world
                                                      every day,

                                                      which is why
                                                      every day

                                                      we need

                                                      a little poem
                                                      of kindness,

                                                      a small song
                                                      of peace

                                                      a brief moment
                                                      of joy.

"What We Need" by David Budbill, from While We've Still Got Feet: New Poems. © Copper Canyon Press, 2005.  

Art credit: "Leaf Fight in Shinjuku," photograph by Ed Jacob. Caption for series of images: "Last weekend, while wandering around in Shinjuku, [Japan], we decided to check out the view from the Tocho Building. Coming down, we came across this autumn festival. I don’t think I’ve ever seen kids having so much fun as they did in this box of leaves."


  1. How very true!
    Thank you so much for posting this and making my day.

  2. this poem is a blessing - thank you

  3. this poem, recited from memory by our pastor, opened our most recent Poet-tea event, an afternoon winter program of sampling teas and homemade goodies to eat and of course poems that people bring to read - a couple of their own or some by someone else. His words really say it all. Thank you!


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