Saturday, October 4, 2014

Robert S. Foote: "An Interruption"

A boy had stopped his car
To save a turtle in the road;
I was not far
Behind, and slowed,
And stopped to watch as he began
To shoo it off into the undergrowth—
This wild reminder of an ancient past,
Lumbering to some Late Triassic bog,
Till it was just a rustle in the grass,
Till it was gone.
I hope I told him with a look
As I passed by,
How I was glad he’d stopped me there,
And what I felt for both
Of them, something I took
To be a kind of love,
And of a troubled thought
I had, for man,
Of how we ought
To let life go on where
And when it can.  

"An Interruption" by Robert S. Foote, from The Hidden Light: Poems. © Whitman Communications, 2012.  

Art credit: "Turtle Crossing Road," photograph by Malcolm MacGregor, taken on May 22, 2013  (originally color).


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