Friday, March 20, 2015

Jerry Kilbride: Selected Haiku

AIDS march
I keep relighting
the candle I carry

                                 fog . . .
                                 just the tree and I
                                 at the bus stop

                                                                 mother lode country,
                                                                 each morning my eyes search
                                                                 the same mountain

                                 jumping rope
                                 the little girl and her shadow
                                 touch touch touch touch touch

condolence letter—
running out of ink
in mid-sentence

Selected haiku by Jerry Kilbride, from a variety of sources. All the poet's books appear to be out of print. See a bibliography here. Listen to a two-minute segment in observance of his death, presented by National Public Radio (2005).

Art credit: "Girl (6-8) skipping outdoors, casting shadow on ground," photograph by Philip Lee Harvey.

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