Friday, March 27, 2015

Linda R. O'Connell: "Mindfulness"

It was the probably best raisin I ever had.

The way it just laid there on its side
in my palm, with its dark brown hue.

As if sunbathing on a beach with one hand under its head
luring me in.

Asking me to bring it to my mouth.
To fondle with my parted lips,
its plumpness.

It wasn't enough that my teeth knew
to guide it in to one side.

But my tongue took the time
to allow for the moisture.

Giving full attention.
Right before the biting.
Right before the chewing.

Before the sugar
rained down my throat.

"Mindfulness" by Linda R. O'Connell. © Linda R. O'Connell, 2011. Text as posted on the poet's blog (01/11/11).

Art credit: "terra cibus no.21: raisin," photograph of a raisin taken with an electron microscope at 35x magnification, by Caren Alpert.


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