Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ted Kooser: "A Blind Woman"

She had turned her face up into
a rain of light, and came on smiling.

The light trickled down her forehead   
and into her eyes. It ran down

into the neck of her sweatshirt
and wet the white tops of her breasts.

Her brown shoes splashed on
into the light. The moment was like

a circus wagon rolling before her
through puddles of light, a cage on wheels,

and she walked fast behind it,   
exuberant, curious, pushing her cane

through the bars, poking and prodding,   
while the world cowered back in a corner.

"A Blind Woman" by Ted Kooser, from Weather Central (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1994).

Art credit: "Light in the Dark," photograph by BlackStripeTH17.


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