Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thomas Berry: "An Appalachian Wedding"

Look up at the sky
the heavens so blue
the sun so radiant
the clouds so playful
the soaring raptors
woodland creatures
meadows in bloom
rivers singing their 
way to the sea
wolfsong on the land
whalesong in the sea
celebration everywhere
wild, riotous
immense as a monsoon
lifting an ocean of joy
then spilling it down over
the Appalachian landscape
drenching us all 
in a deluge of delight
as we open our arms and 
rush toward each other
all of us moved by that vast 
compassionate curve
that brings all things together
in intimate celebration
celebration that is
the universe itself.

"An Appalachian Wedding" by Thomas Berry. Text as posted on the poet's website. 

Art credit: "Spring in the Mountains—Blue Ridge Parkway [Appalachia] Spring Landscape Photography,'' photograph by Dave Allen Photography.

Curator's note: As this poem was written for the wedding of musician-composer Paul Winter, I thought you might enjoy Winter's "Mountain Wedding" (click arrow below). I don't know if Winter wrote this piece of music for his own wedding or not, but it's fun to imagine so. Enjoy.


  1. This was a divine addition -- I envisioned all of the wedding party and guests joining hands and spiral dancing love into the galaxy!

  2. The link to the recording of "Mountain Wedding" isn't showing on the page for me so I looked it up on YouTube:


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