Friday, January 18, 2013

Mark Nepo: "Where Is God?"

It’s as if what is unbreakable—
the very pulse of life—waits for
everything else to be torn away,
and then in the bareness that
only silence and suffering and
great love can expose, it dares
to speak through us and to us.

It seems to say, if you want to last,
hold on to nothing. If you want
to know love, let in everything.
If you want to feel the presence
of everything, stop counting the
things that break along the way.

"Where Is God?" by Mark Nepo. No bibliographic information available.

Photographic credit: Unknown (originally black and white).

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  1. Whenever there's no bibliographic information I get curious and look up the poet. He's written quite a few books including 8 books of poetry, so no knowing which one of those this poem may have appeared in. It's on his site at along with others that fit the spirit of this site.


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