Thursday, January 17, 2013

Raymond Carver: "At Least"

I want to get up early one more morning,
before sunrise. Before the birds, even.
I want to throw cold water on my face
and be at my work table
when the sky lightens and smoke
begins to rise from the chimneys
of the other houses.
I want to see the waves break
on this rocky beach, not just hear them
break as I did all night in my sleep.
I want to see again the ships
that pass through the strait from every
seafaring country in the world–––
old, dirty freighters just barely moving along,
and the swift new cargo vessels
painted every color under the sun
that cut the water as they pass.
I want to keep an eye out for them.
And for the little boat that plies
the water between the ships
and the pilot station near the lighthouse.
I want to see them take a man off the ship
and put another up on board.
I want to spend the day watching this happen
and reach my own conclusions.
I hate to seem greedy–––I have so much
to be thankful for already.
But I want to get up early one more morning, at least.
And go to my place with some coffee and wait.
Just wait, to see what's going to happen.

"At Least" by Raymond Carver, from Where Water Comes Together with Other Water. © Vintage Books, 1986.

Photograph: "Wave Crashing Portland Maine Lighthouse," by Captain Kimo (originally color).



  1. I hear the longing in this beautifully crafted poem. Thank you for sharing. I love it.

  2. Thanks Phyllis, why do we have to be reminded of these things? Life is here every day and we miss it!

  3. Yes indeed, life is full of all we need, we just need to know where to look


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