Thursday, June 6, 2013

Betsy Miller: "Norimaki Sushi"

Plump, white oval grains of
Steamed sticky rice cling together
In the dish, round wooden handai,
Full like a waiting moon.
Fold in rice vinegar, salty-sweet.
Fan the scented clouds of steam.
Sushi rice—Sumeshi

Take the rice to the nori
Seaweed, dark sheet paper-thin.
Deep red tuna, scallions join,
Enclosed as in a wave,
And sliced into circles, with
Wet-bright pebble centers.
Tuna roll—Tekka Maki.

Warm fragrance of
Peaceful green tea.
Pink, pickled ginger smells sweet,
A patient rose.
Soy sauce, brown as polished driftwood,
Singed by fiery
Green horseradish—Wasabi.

Chopsticks lift the sushi,
Skim the soy sauce.
Bring the round taste
Of rice, of saltspray, of the sea
Home to my mouth,
Edged with a sharp sinus sting.
Thank you—Arigato.

"Norimaki Sushi" by Betsy Miller. No other bibliographic information available.

Image credit: "Happy Sushi," pastel on sanded paper, by Susan Jenkins, 2009 (originally color).



  1. When you have a mystery about the source I go looking. I found this poem at with "used by author's permission" and a small blurb about her that led me to her website


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