Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Larry Schug: "Threading the Needle"

To find (or lose) yourself
seek the place
you go where you go
when you thread a needle;
to the timeless, seamless place
where there exists only
the fingers on your one hand
holding the thread,
wetted in your mouth,
twisted to a point;
the fingers on your other hand
holding a needle
eye to eye,
Only when the thread
passes through the needle’s eye
do you return
to your turbulent, breathing life.

"Threading the Needle" by Larry Schug. No other bibliographic information available.

Photography credit: "Thread the Needle, by Bill Frymire, 2007 (originally color).



  1. True--and yet as my eyes have changed I have to say there's less of a contemplative pause outside time and more of a "where IS that darn eye of the needle?" moment for me. Still a beautiful description of mindfulness.


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