Friday, June 28, 2013

Philip Booth: "So"

So, there's no way to be sure. Not
about much of anything. No more about
anyone else than ourselves. Perhaps
not even of death, except that it's bound
to happen. To you, yes; to me, us: the lot
of humankind, given how humankind sees it
from this near side. So what.

So nothing that we here and now
can perfectly know. Save, though the lens
our eyes raise, the old here and now.
The this, the already-going that moves us.
The red-shift we're constantly part of.
And why not? Between what we were, and
are going to be, is who and how we best love.

"So" by Philip Booth, from Selves. © Viking, 1990.

Photography credit: Unknown.

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  1. I've reread this several times and keep snagging on "though the lens our eyes raise" thinking it should be "through" the lens. Lovely, true poem in any case.


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