Monday, March 31, 2014

Chris Forhan: "Joy"

It seized me—never mind the circumstance: sudden
scent in the breeze like cinnamon, sun silvering
a roof as the unicycle parade began—it seized me

as sickness does, wholly, with no mercy,
all of my body obeisant to its law as though none of it
were mine, finally: not the joy or the body.

"Joy" by Chris Forhan, from Ransack and Dance: Poems. © Silver Birch Press, 2013.

Photography credit: "Sunlight Shine," vector photo by AllonzoInc (originally color).


  1. Such a wonderful poem. Great way to start a Monday.

  2. Ha! "never mind the circumstance", and yet the poet goes on to describe the circumstance. (I'd love to see a unicycle parade!) That feeling of joy beyond measure.


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