Friday, January 2, 2015

A Hearty Welcome to Year #3!

I want to welcome you to the third year of this project. Whether you're a visitor to the website, a subscriber by email, a follower on Facebook, or a reader via Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr, I'm glad that you're part of our community of poetry-eaters.

Thanks to all of you who blessed me at the end of 2014 with your holiday well wishes, your gifts of poems and chapbooks and photographs and donations to the project, your appreciative words. As the year turned, my lamp was burning brightly in the cold dark of winter.

Two suggestions as we begin our third year:
  • Our Weekender edition is a great remedy to a cluttered inbox. Each Saturday morning it provides in one email all the poems posted that week. So, if you subscribe to the daily poems and are feeling rather overwhelmed by the reading, you might consider changing your subscription preference to the Weekender. Just click on the "preferences" link at the bottom of your daily edition and follow the instructions.
  • If you wish to more fully appreciate the artwork accompanying each poem, you might enjoy following the project on Tumblr.

Now ... are you ready to join me in another year of being here?

Deep peace,

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