Thursday, January 15, 2015

Noelle Kocot: "Pride"

If I claim I was a terrible, horrible,
Evil no-good person,
It would be a lie, and it would be
Wanting always to be the best or the worst.
So now I’m destined to wander,
My bag full of pride a lot lighter,
And if I say I am done
With whatever ails me,
That would also be a lie.
I am not done, will never be done
Till the day I die,
But I am content to be human,
Naked and shaking with love
At the moment, and the next moment,
I just can’t say.

"Pride" by Noelle Kocot. Text as published in Forklift Ohio (Summer, 2012).

Thanks to Mark Palinski for suggesting this poem.

Art credit: "Lonely girl with suitcase at country road," photograph by massonforstock.

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