Saturday, January 10, 2015

Richard Wehrman: "When I Fell into the World"

When I fell into the world, it was
as into my mother's arms, it was into
the holding of warmth, the blue-green water,
it was into the beings who blinked
back at me amazed, as I was by them.
I fell from separateness, I fell from constriction.
I fell from the ice castle of myself, through
the rushing darkness, past screams,
past fear. I did not float up, I fell down,
and it was the world that waited
as I was stripped bare, as I tumbled out
of my self—faster and faster through blue
clouds and white, into the unknown arms
of joyfulness, toward the beings unnumbered
who opened their hearts in love.

"When I Fell into the World" by Richard Wehrman. Text presented here by poet submission. 

Art credit: Image by unknown photographer.

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