Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anne Porter: "Looking at the Sky"

                                               I never will have time
                                               I never will have time enough
                                               To say
                                               How beautiful it is
                                               The way the moon
                                               Floats in the air
                                               As easily
                                               And lightly as a bird
                                               Although she is a world
                                               Made all of stone.

                                               I never will have time enough
                                               To praise
                                               The way the stars
                                               Hang glittering in the dark
                                               Of steepest heaven
                                               Their dewy sparks
                                               Their brimming drops of light
                                               So fresh so clear
                                               That when you look at them
                                               It quenches thirst.

"Looking at the Sky" by Anne Porter. Text as published in Living Things: Collected Poems (Steerforth Press, 2006). 

Art credit: "Bright future for Eagle Mountain’s dark sky lovers," photograph by (October 17, 2014).

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