Saturday, April 4, 2015

Colleen Lineberry: "Harmony"

One morning when I dig
brown earth with bare fingers and
listen to the light wind
shuffle through oak and elm,
I hear the silver of chimes
dangle from a thin wire,
the cadence of children
laugh themselves dizzy
like swirls of bubbles at play.

A choir of robins
trills gossip and questions,
a thicket of poems in the understory.
Each voice
from each perch
through a window of sky.

I remember
to remember
how good this day is:
to slow through creation
along with the breeze
as it gentles and
praises the trees.

"Harmony" by Colleen Lineberry. Presented here by poet submission.  

Art credit: "The Gardener," oil on panel, painting by George Seurat.

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  1. Your poems always take me right where you are. You paint poems with your words and images.


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