Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ed Pilolla: "Favorite Mug"

Your day is like your favorite mug.
You fill it with the necessary stuff
to survive in this world.
Those days
let me be the seasoning.
Other days I get to fill it with your favorite brew
as well as mine,
vanilla and chai leaves and
inside jokes
and a dollop of raw honesty
and honey.

I will gently blow on your day
when it's too hot,
cup my hands to share in the warmth
and fill it with spirits along the way.
Never will I leave your mug
on the countertop with coffee grounds
at the bottom for days.

Don't judge me by my propensity to blast Van Halen
or how I casually enter the bathroom
to brush my teeth while you're peeing
and not pick up on that unhappy look on your face.
Judge me instead by how I thread my fingers through the handle
of your day,
lift the rim of your world to my lips
and drink in your story.

"Favorite Mug" by Ed Pilolla. Text as published in Dragonfly: A Book of Love Letters (CreateSpace, 2010).

Art credit: "Red Coffee Mug," oil painting on canvas, by Kit Hofer.


  1. Smiling broadly at the "don't judge me" stanza! And even though it's only 3 am, I'm drinking from "my favorite mug."

    Thank you for posting this wonderful poem -- and for the image which serves as illustration!

    1. Smiling at 3am?! That makes ME smile.... You're very welcome, Thomas.

  2. I almost always have a cup of something nearby. Love this metaphor--what a delightful poem with its own sweet depth. May life be good to the last drop.


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