Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Frank O'Hara: "Poem"

Here we are again together
as the buds burst over the trees their
light cries, walking around a pond in yellow weather.

Fresh clouds, and further
oh I do not care to go!
not beyond this circling friendship,
damp new air and fluttering snow
remaining long enough to make the leaves
excessive in the quickness of their mild return,
not needing more than earth and friends to see the winter so.

                                                                                           [April 15, 1954]

"Poem" by Frank O'Hara. Text as published in Poems Retrieved (City Lights Books/Grey Fox, 2013 edition).

Art credit: Untitled photograph by Vicki Cronis-Nohe | The Virginian-Pilot. Caption: "Snowflake flurries surround a tree in spring bloom on March 21, 2013, in Chesapeake [Virginia, USA]."

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