Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Edwin Romond: "In Asbury Park, NJ"

It is the end
of my first day
without a cigarette
and I’ve come here
to breathe
the ocean air, feel
my lungs fill with life
instead of smoke and,
at Asbury Park,
swear to myself
I will never again
inhale what subtracts
even one future chance
to walk this beach,
see these waves,
and feel my heart beat
to the music
of this boardwalk
carousel turning
like the earth
where tonight
I live.

"In Asbury Park, NJ" by Edwin Romond. © Edwin Romond.

Photography credit: "Beautiful Asbury Park Boardwalk," by Daniel Beard (originally black and white).

Beautiful Asbury Park Boardwalk
Beautiful Asbury Park Boardwalk

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