Tuesday, May 20, 2014

James Broughton: "Not dawdling"

                                                   Not dawdling
                                                   not doubting
                                                   intrepid all the way
                                                   walk toward clarity
                                                   with sharp eye
                                                   With sharpened sword
                                                   clearcut the path
                                                   to the lucent surprise
                                                   of enlightenment
                                                   At every crossroad
                                                   be prepared to bump into wonder

"Not dawdling" by James Broughton, as presented online by Poetry Chaikhana, May 13, 2011. From Little Sermons of the Big Joy: Poems. © Insight to Riot Press, 1994.  

Photography credit: Untitled image by unknown photographer (originally color).


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