Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Julie L. Moore: "Innocence"

 Innocence sees that this is it, and finds it world enough.
                                                                                         —Annie Dillard

At some point you make peace with it
Your life as it is, with all it offers you

Like an early evening walk, half moon
Hung in the tiger lily sky

Black cows heading to the barn
Bemoaning the end of day

Hundreds of blackbirds screeching
Live as the wire they perch upon

My long-time friend zipping by in her van
Waving. It’s after all the whining

And stomping of feet, of course. After dreams
Blur with real life. After the pin-pricked

Pop of the inflated ego. What joy
Mysterious. What humble innocence.

"Innocence" by Julie L. Moore, from Slipping Out of Bloom. © WordTech Editions, 2010.

Photography credit: Detail of untitled image by unknown photographer (originally color).


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