Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Joyce Sutphen: "The Last Things I'll Remember"

The partly open hay barn door, white frame around the darkness,
the broken board, small enough for a child
to slip through.

Walking in the cornfields in late July, green tassels overhead,
the slap of flat leaves as we pass, silent
and invisible from any road.

Hollyhocks leaning against the stucco house, peonies heavy
as fruit, drooping their deep heads
on the dog house roof.

Lilac bushes between the lawn and the woods,
a tractor shifting from one gear into
the next, the throttle opened,

the smell of cut hay, rain coming across the river,
the drone of the hammer mill,
milk machines at dawn.

"The Last Things I'll Remember" by Joyce Sutphen, from First Words. © Red Dragonfly Press, 2010.

Art credit: Untitled image by Greg Hill carrying the caption "A road leads deep into a Kansas cornfield in late July" (originally color).


  1. Stumbled onto this delightful blog quite by fortune. Joyce Sutphen is one of my very favorites.

    1. Welcome, Frederick. Unfortunately this project concluded on January 1, but feel free to browse the archives, and enjoy!


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