Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nancy Ann Schaefer: "Ahimsa"

What is this you and I?
this division, separateness
struggling for supremacy
—hostile & mistrustful
fight-faced, fists raised,
one against the other,
discordant & destructive?

When really there
is only one—
the we of us, of all of us
our mystic core
immortal, enfolding
into cosmic divine

Let’s unlearn this way of war.

"Ahimsa" by Nancy Ann Schaefer, from In Search of Lode. © 918studio, 2014.

Art credit: "Ahimsa," desktop wallpaper by unknown artist, available for download from lululemon (originally black and white).


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  1. Thrilled to see Nancy Ann Schaefer featured and looking forward to her new work! In Search of Lode (2012, 918studio)


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