Monday, July 28, 2014

Maya Stein: "Alliance"

“You have to make an alliance with your anguish,” he said,
“not wage war against it.” And I thought of all the fists
I had shaken at misfortune: games lost
because the shot clock ran out,
a good meal scorched in a forgotten oven,
money dropped on a dress worn only once,
the bully in 6th grade, the math test in 9th,
the wrong outfit at Halloween.
But of course, this isn’t what he meant.

If I were brave enough, I’d tell you how my heart
has raged for love, stretched thin as a high wire.
If I were brave enough, I’d tell you
how my body has been fighting to stay upright
on every precipitous downhill the city
throws at it. If I were brave enough,
I’d climb into your lap and weep with longing.
All I can say is that any attempt at beauty and hope
is land-mined with failure.
And so the perilous track-making begins.
Wending our way through,
there are possible clutches at sunlight, at windows, at yes.
We are each of us inches from death.
We are each of us inches from life.
We are each of us inches from one another.

"Alliance" by Maya Stein. Published on the poet's earliest blog on December 8, 2009. © Maya Stein.

Art credit: "Reaching out to make a difference," photograph attributed to this page (originally color).



  1. How hard it is to mend a broken relationship; how wonderful it will be when love prevails!

  2. Oh, this lands hard. Thank you for this.


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