Thursday, July 10, 2014

William Carlos Williams: "Thursday"

                                  I have had my dream—like others—
                                  and it has come to nothing, so that
                                  I remain now carelessly
                                  with feet planted on the ground
                                  and look up at the sky—
                                  feeling my clothes about me,
                                  the weight of my body in my shoes,
                                  the rim of my hat, air passing in and out
                                  at my nose—and decide to dream no more.

"Thursday" by William Carlos Williams, from "Broken Windows," in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse: Volume XIII, edited by Harriet Monroe. © Modern Poetry Association, 1918-1919.  

Art credit: "St. Francis in the Desert," oil and tempera painting on poplar panel, by Giovanni Bellini (around 1480; originally color). Curator's note: The painting shows a barefoot Saint Francis, dressed in his monk's robes, looking up into the sky.

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