Sunday, July 26, 2015

Anne Alexander Bingham: "It is Enough"

To know that the atoms
of my body
will remain

to think of them rising
through the roots of a great oak
to live in
leaves, branches, twigs

perhaps to feed the
crimson peony
the blue iris
the broccoli

or rest on water
freeze and thaw
with the seasons

some atoms might become a
bit of fluff on the wing
of a chickadee
to feel the breeze
know the support of air

and some might drift
up and up into space
star dust returning from

whence it came
it is enough to know that
as long as there is a universe
I am a part of it.

"It is Enough" by Anne Alexander Bingham. Text as published by The Writer's Almanac (01/22/14). Read the poet's obituary here.

Art credit: "Dandelion Seeds Fluff Macro," image by unknown photographer.


  1. Today is the 5th anniversary of my mom's death. Reading this today really helped my spirit.

    1. I'm glad the poem was a balm to you today. Be well.

  2. My friend shared this poem with me. I had polio years ago,and she was beginning a journey with ALS. She died three years later -- today. We both understood its message.

  3. I lost my daughter on July 19 2015 & not a minute goes by that I don't miss her. I talk to her all the time...knowing that her soul & spirit surround me, helps me to cope with this unbearable loss. Now I can hear her voice in the trees, the flowers, birds, and the very air I breathe.

    1. May your daughter's presence be a strengthening balm, Connie.

  4. Today the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Delaware County [PA] shared AAB's poem at the Celebration of Life for Mary Finegold (nee Kratkov) [1930-2018]. As a chemist, and a friend of Mary & Len, her husband, this poem had an especial meaning for me personally. Thanks for posting it on the web.

    1. I'm sorry that I only now became aware of your comment (this project is no longer active). Your connection to this poem is especially poignant. I bow to your memory of your friend. Please continue to enjoy reading the collection. Deep peace to you.

  5. This has been my philosophy for many years, along with the idea that since I'm participating in the energy of the universe I should make sure my contributions are positive. Being fluff on the wing of a chickadee would be as positive as being stardust. I'm saving poems that can be shared at my memorial service when the time comes and this one is going into that collection. Thank you for this.


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