Friday, July 3, 2015

Max Reif: "Hitch-Hiker"

The hitch-hiker I
remember best
was someone you
might call a hobo.

Lord knows what he'd
been through, to receive
a gift that some folks get
who've borne so much.

He traveled light.
He owned a little pack,
a little dog;
that's all.

I drove for fifty miles
before he turned
his head to me
and said,

“I think
I'll get out here.
I like the way
the grass looks,
way up
on that hill.

The way the light
falls on it.”

"Hitch-Hiker" by Max Reif. © Max Reif. Text first published in The Mindful Word. Presented here by poet submission. To read more of Max Reif's writings, go to Faith of an Artist—The Writings of Max Reif.

Art credit: "Windmills on Grassy Hills," wallpaper from


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