Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ginny Lowe Connors: "Hosanna"

I wonder if the children in the rowboat
will remember this particular morning,
the lake restlessly turning over
a thousand scintillating points of light
except for one calm, mirror-like swathe
through which the man rows calmly,
his boy and girl looking out
from the prow of the wooden boat,
while all around them little flames
move across the lake, never arriving
anywhere except into this moment
which seems to me closer to heaven
than any other thing that man or god
might possibly contrive.

"Hosanna" by Ginny Lowe Connors. Text as posted on Your Daily Poem (12/01/13). © Ginny Lowe Connors. Reprinted by permission of the poet. Also see the poet's two collections of poetry: Barbarians in the Kitchen and The Unparalleled Beauty of a Crooked Line, both published by Antrim House.

Art credit: "Sun Sparkling on Blue Waters," photographic print by BeneathNorthernSkies.


  1. A couple penetrating images here: "...never arriving anywhere except into this moment..." covers a lot of imagination, the burst of intensity

    1. Your observations always seem spot on to me, Rick. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful prose :) Thanks for sharing my image!

    1. A beautiful image! It is beautiful accompaniment to the poem. Thank you for your artistic skills.


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