Monday, July 27, 2015

Barry Spacks: "Within Another Life"

Those whose days were grudging or confused
may come back trapped within another life

as a boulder, or a pane of glass,
or a door that suffers every time it's slammed.

If I return a boulder, love, some summer day
come sit by me and contemplate these horses and these hills.

And if a windowpane, gaze through to see
the meadow on our walks where the brown geese strut.

And if I am a door, come home through me,
be sure I'll keep you safe.

And if a knotted, twisted rope,
from long self-clenching and complexity,

oh love, unbind, unbraid me then
until I flow again like windswept hair.

"Within Another Life" by  Barry Spacks. Text as published in Poetry (December, 1999).

Art credit: "Wind in your hair," photograph by Alexandru Vita.

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