Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jack Myers: "Fragment"

Remember when you were little
and could shout like the yellow sun
on the horizon Here I Come!,
before your self-image was a light bulb
in the fridge of your self-esteem
and you weren't afraid of anything in life
because there wasn't any difference
between everything in life and you?
Remember how large you felt?

"Fragment" by Jack Myers. Source unknown. Text as published on a card the curator received in late September from subscriber Barbara Regenspan.

Curator's note: This poem is likely by the late Jack Elliott Myers, one-time poet laureate of Texas, who was quite prolific. If anyone knows the specific source for this poem, please let me know. Update 2/12/20: Thank you to Mary Rose Dougherty for informing the curator that Jack Myers wrote this poem in 2002 but never published it in a book. A colleague, Mark Cox, found it in the poet's files after his death from cancer in 2009.

Art credit: Untitled image by unknown photographer.


  1. Mr. Myers invites another view of children as they make their way,flaunting their carefree energy, they tend to joy, they crave only more, heedless of their unknown futures….

  2. dont know the source poem, but Jack Myers, now deceased, taught in the MFA in Writing Program I attended back in the 80's.

  3. Thank you for your confirmation, Benjamin. (My apologies for the tardy reply. I was traveling, mostly unplugged.)


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